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Please check on a weekly basis for the most up to date news and changes

Website Updated: April 9, 2024

Check out the Audio tab for all music for Spring Concert

Upcoming Performances:

May 7 Spring Concert 6pm RMS Gym

Practice reminder: violins/violas are to be taken home daily, otherwise a pop test will be administered the next day for a grade. Cellos on the weekend if daily is not possible.

Basses, as possible. 

You are always welcome to come and practice in the mornings between 7:40-8:05.


March 26 Beginner Orchestra Festival @ Rainy McCullers School of the Arts 5:00-8:00pm

Registration at 5:00pm .Enter by the  Rainy orchestra room door. there will be signs.

Concert at 7:30pm. Free attendance

Dress code, school T-shirt or school colors, jeans and tennis shoes.

Congratulations Richards Orchestra for achieving SUPERIOR ratings from all 3 judges at LGPE on March 7, as well as from the sight reading judge. We did it! Together! and for that, i thank you! Start practicing your Spring Concert music next.

March 7 LGPE  Warm up 1:30, Performance 2:00, Sight reading 2:30pm @ Carver HS.

A job well done yesterday at Whitewater Music Festival. Let's use this experience to better us as we prepare for LGPE on March 7.

February 21 Whitewater Music Festival performance at JVHS. 9:45am Performance

Weekly afterschool rehearsals are resuming Tuesday, January 23. 3:15-4:30PM.

Parents, please be on time for pickup, no later than 4:45pm. Thank you !

All students are expected to be present as this is part of our grading procedures.

( no rehearsal for first year students, same as last semester)


International Potluck was a great success. Thank you everyone for your participation. Pictures in the gallery.

Dear students

Thank you for a wonderful winter concert

Well done!

Please enjoy the videos of our winter concert on our Youtube channel:


We will not have any afterschool rehearsals

until the new year, 2024.

IB Gala Tuesday, November 14 @ 6pm, GYM. Select 7/8th grade students will perform 1 song.

Small chamber - perform background music in the Media center 6:45 till about 7:15pm.

Dress code- Concert Black and white.

All State1st audition- Congratulations to Esther, Akhil and Quinn for making it!

Honor Orchestra Concert Nov.4  Great job students and a wonderful concert experience!

We have moved into our new home as of October 2 and we are making progress placing our items into their new areas. Thank you dear students for  making this move a breeze!

Latin American Fair September 27. Great Performance. We enjoyed music, games, and food.

Check out the videos from the performance...  

Youtube  channel

Students: Check out our new tab INTERACTIVE TOOLS!

Thank you for helping us reach our  Donorschoose  project funded!

Our next project is in full speed 

Thank you to all of the donations, already. You are all amazing people!

Please share our Orchestra Donorschoose projects website:

Weekly afterschool rehearsals : Every Tuesday starting September 5th  from 3:20-4:30pm. Please be on time for pickup.

- After school rehearsals are a mandatory part of being in any orchestra.

Rehearsal Excuses are only accepted prior to rehearsal time, via email or a parental note.

For doctor visits, or any other appointments, a legal note is needed.

No attendance= Zero (0)

All returning 7th and 8th grade orchestra students will be in after-school rehearsal on a weekly basis.

Please ensure that your child is practicing daily at home. Our success depends on each            student practicing diligently, every day, at home.  All the pieces have audio files on our website

for playback purpose as well as play-along.



New Orchestra Students:

click here to watch this video and see a little of what we do in orchestra




snippet from our syllabus on your behalf... (full syllabus will be updated and will be in the syllabus tab)

You will receive the password on Tuesday (unlocks syllabus and sheet music tab).

Dear Parents:
All students interested in taking orchestra classes must first obtain permission from their parents. In doing so, the parents must be in agreement to accept all responsibilities for any damages that may occur to any school owned instruments. Most of the larger instruments (cello and bass) are provided by the district, however violins and violas are a few; therefore it is highly recommended to purchase or rent your own instrument. For sizing your child for an instrument, please stop by Baker Music or Everything Musical store. It is a free service.

Parents are expected to purchase some materials that are needed throughout the course.

The method book is: “Essential Elements for strings” By Hal Leonard
(Violin, viola, cello, bass, depending on the instrument being played)

The method book can be purchased at Baker Music Store, Everything Musical or
Beginner orchestra students need book 1 ( once instrument is decided on)
Returning Intermediate 7th grade students need book 2
Returning Advanced 8th grade students need book 3
Books must be purchased by August 14, 2023 otherwise grade points will be deducted

Please check weekly the “News and updates” tab to stay afloat with upcoming concerts and events.

Concert Dress Code
Each student has to be wearing the following for all concerts:
Black dress shoes – no tennis shoes
Black dress socks/stockings – no white socks
Black dress pants/skirt (covering the knees)
White dress button up shirt – no low cuts for the ladies, no logos


Parents, students need to take their instruments home and practice daily, otherwise a pop test
will be administered the next day.
 Cellos need to go home on weekends if daily is not possible.
 Bass, whenever possible, given its large size, and vehicle limitations.
 This is being enforced as of Friday August 18.


Orchestra is a performance based class, therefore:
After school rehearsals are a mandatory part of being in any orchestra.
The rehearsals incorporate all sections of the orchestra, so that all parts of the music are covered at the same time. We use these crucial times for concert and festival preparation, school functions or any last minute invitations to perform for an event.

Orchestra supply list 2023-2024 (prices are based on average online pricing)
Due Date August 21
1. Pencil, Eraser
2. Method Book (Essential Elements for strings, about $10.00)
3. Rosin ($3.00-$7.00)
4. A 3 ring binder with protective sleeves for sheet music ( black preferred)
5. Stopper for cellos and bass ($5.00-$20.00)
6. Shoulder rest for violins and violas ($12.00-$30.00)
7. An extra set of strings and rosin, as they will break!
8. If using a free school instrument we request that you consider purchasing your own bow!
   $35.00-$100.00. The larger the instrument the more the bow costs.
9. When using a school instrument, on violins, violas and cellos we request that you cover the     cost of a new string set (yearly) for optimal sound performance and safety $20.00-50.00
10. Daily Dose of Positive attitude 


Places to shop in Columbus:
Baker Music Shop, #2 Midtown Loop, (706) 563-7924
Everything Musical, 2400 W. Britt David Road, (706) 323-1809


Places to shop online for best price guarantee (they do rentals too): and
Please do not purchase instruments from Amazon or Ebay without consulting with me first. Most instruments are junk and you will regret your purchase.


Orchestra room “free will” supply list.
We depend on you for this
1. Large hand sanitizer with lotion
2. Large box tissue paper, no lotion
3. Large box of disinfecting wet wipes
4. Cloth cleaning rags (clean, cut up old T-shirts work too)
5. "NOW" essential oils (EO) for our room diffuser (this is a natural and healthy alternative to wall plug-ins which are chemically based and harmful). You are always safe with any mint or citrus family EO. Seasonal EOs are always welcome also.
Thank you so much in advance for keeping us germ free and keeping our instruments looking new.


                                             Youth Orchestra Of Greater Columbus - YOGC auditions and sign                                               up for 2023-24 season. Click the logo.

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